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Credit Card Payment...

As a conveinance to everyone I am very pleased to announce that we can now accept credit card payments for all transactions, whether it be to the Grange member paying their annual dues or to a group who is renting the facility.  Simply go to the home page (where you are at now) and click the payment link in the upper left corner of the page (Buy Now).  If you are renting with us and use this option, it is very important to understand that a payment in itself does not hold the hall for your date.  I will need to have all requested materials signed and in hand before the hall is considered booked. 

We are working through a 3rd party service called Paypal.  You do not have to set up a Paypal account to use the service.  They do charge a small fee to us per transaction for this service.  So at the moment when I quote out a rental fee for the hall I will quote a cash/check price and a credit price.  The credit price is slightly higher to cover the costs that are paid for this service.  As traffic increases using that service, it is my hopes to adjust our rates a bit so we can just have the same rate for cash/credit.

Birthday Girl...

There is a special birthday coming this month just happens to be our oldest member!!  Happy Birthday Cora!!  Cora Brown turned 103 and was born on August 21, 1910.  She is an inspiration to us all in the wonderful work she continues to do.    


Renting the Hall...

I want to thank everyone with their patience as this site is updated.  I also want to let everyone know that IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RENTING THE DEERING GRANGE to please use this site to submit an inquiry.  If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation back within 48 hours, please resend another form again and provide as many details as you can surrounding the event.  If for some reason that fails, please email  Lot's of times the forms are being filled out incomplete with missing or incorrect email addresses and phone numbers to contact back. 


and sadly.... 

Charlie Locke was originally from West Baldwin and became a member of Sacarrappa Grange in Westbrook and a few years ago became member of Deering.  Charlie was always offering to help where help was needed.  Though he was only with Deering for a few short years, he was a welcome addition to our lodge participating in all the activities we had and will be sadfully missed.  We have missed his wit and his humor.  He left a great void when he passed that is present today.  Charile Lock was an active officer in the chair of Assistant Steward when he passed away on November 20th, 2011 at the age of 70.   


Lucille Nutt was a wonderful member of ours.  Always helping support the Grange by working on Bingos, Christmas Fairs and always attending meetings.  She filled many offices with her main office being Pomona and assisting with preparing the dinners and refreshments at meetings.  Lucille was an absolute joy to be around.  Anyone who knew Lucille can tell you how fun she was and her presence would light up the room.  She left the Portland area to reside in Farmington about 10 years ago to be closer to family but always kept in touch and remained a outstanding member of Deering Grange.  She will be sorely missed.  Lucille passed March 23, 2012 at the age of 93.





August 26, 2007


Deering Grange -Revitalized David Walls, Publicity Chairman 


The upper hall of our Grange was in depserate need of repairs and a fresh coat of paint.  So after a long time puting aside funds for this project, it was decided that over the summer months the upper hall would be repaired and repainted.  We sought out Profenno's Painting  (Freeport) to do the job, and what a great job they did.  It really looks fabulous and we have received many nice remarks from the various groups of people using the hall.  


Another issue that we were faced with was the limited stage space on the upper hall for the various bands and groups that use it.  40-50 years ago we had many plays enacted at the hall and a set was made specifically for that purpose.  We were challeged to find a way to enlarge the stage area without taking away from the original architectural design, while still making it desirable for all groups, bands or plays.  With the help of D.G Walls and Sons Construction, we were able to give the stage an extra 35-40 square feet of workable space.  The suspended ceiling was also removed unveiling the beautiful designed ceiling that had been covered up.  After the stage was expanded, Profenno's Painting took over and did a great job on the finish. 


A big thank you goes out to Robert Profenno of Profenno's Painting and Darren Walls of D.G.Walls and Sons Construction on a job well done.  Both Robert and Darren are fellow Grange members as well. Robert being a 50 year+ member of the Harraseeket Grange in Freeport and Darren a 4th generation member and officer of Deering Grange.      





May 16, 2007


Deering Grange Offers Support To Waterboro Grange. David Walls, Publicity Chairman 


Over a year ago at one of our meetings, the members of Deering Grange heard that a sister lodge, Waterboro Grange, had been broken into with a lot of damage being done.  "There is not much they didn't touch...utensils were bent, the old Bible had pages ripped from it, holes were put through the walls and stage area, old artifacts used in the Grange were damaged or missing"..said Brenda Dyer, a member of Waterboro Grange.  This senseless act came from some mischievous minors who were able to get inside the building while the hall was not being used.  At least one of the minors involved came forward recently and accepted responsibility and is helping out on the repairs.


The Deering members immediately went into action.  We started a "Grangers Helping Grangers" campaign for the Waterboro Grange.  Donations were made virtually at every meeting to this cause.  Notices were sent out to the members with their dues notices and the membership response was fantastic as well as heartwarming.     


Deering Grange held it's annual Past Master's night starting off with a delicious dinner.  (A Master within the Grange is what other organizations may call a "President".  Past Masters Nights usually include visiting past masters from other lodges)  A regular meeting was held and business was conducted and followed up by a very entertaining program.  Deering Grange invited a member of Waterboro Grange to attend, unknowingly that Deering even had this fund in the works.  We presented the member with a check for $500.00 to help with repairs, along with a plaque (shown below).


The members of Deering Grange wish Waterboro Grange a speedy rebuilding. 




Presentation- Brenda Dyer (left) of Waterboro Grange by Elaine Walls, Master of Deering Grange (right)

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