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What is Deering Grange?

Our Mission

Deering Grange means a little something different to everyone.  To some members it may be used as a voice within the community and used as a tool for various causes.  To others, it is a social group where we enjoy having meetings throughout the month or enjoy and offsite meeting/dinner. For others, it is the gathering and camaraderie of local citizens united for the betterment of our community.  We conduct meetings at least once a month on Wednesdays evenings beginning at 7:30PM and usually end around 9:00PM with refreshments following the meeting.  There may be times we hold suppers before the meeting.


So as you can see, the Deering Grange is a lot, to a lot of people.  We work hard and support over 20 various local charities throughout the year.  Each year our members reach out and sponsor a family during Christmas time.  Weve have been known to help our fellow member when needed and have assisted other Granges through hardships.  We have provided immediate assistance for local victims whos apartment complex was lost during a fire.  We also support a variety of functions going on within the State and national Grange levels.  Due to a drought in Ohio, we learned of many farmers who were lacking feed hay for their animals.  An effort was created and everyone pitched in and donated funds to purchased  local feed hay and had it transported to the Ohio farmers.  Despite what the Grange may mean to each individual member, as an organization we are united as one for the compassion of our fellow man.    

Our History

The Grange itself started out as a small meeting on  December 4th, 1867 as an outlet for the family farm.  It is still a strong voice for the farmer today, but it is a whole lot more then that.   The Grange is a grassroots non-profit organization that has over 300,000 members in 30 states The Grange works hard on issues on the National and State levels for education, economic development, family endeavors.  While many other organizations were male orientated, the Grange was one of the first organizations that permitted women to work through all the ranks of the order.  The Grange also helped spur head a movement in the late 1800s to the U.S. Congress and the USPS for Rural Mail Delivery.  Delivery to families in rural areas began on October 1st, 1891 and remained.