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    Rental Information

Deering Grange has had a rich history with a variety of people using our hall.  We have many receptions; a variety of Country Music artists play at the Deering Grange and we've also had an Antiques Appraisal fair broadcast live from our facility.
Today, the Deering Grange remains host to upcoming muscial artists from around the local area.  With its wooden floor, it is also a great place to kick your feet up and dance with Swing Dancing going on several occasions during the month.
If you are interested in renting the hall, you can contact us either by email or telephone.  Email is preferred using the form below as you will receive a quicker reply.  To get a determination on price, I will need detailed information on the following under "Description of Event":
  • Date of the Event
  • Time of Event (start to finish)
  • Type of Event (reception etc)
  • # of people attending
  • Public or Private event
  • Whether there will be alcohol consumed (private events only)
Thank you for your interest in using the Deering Grange Hall.
Mr. David M. Walls
Building Manager for Deering Grange Inc,.
1408 Washington Avenue
Portland, ME  04103

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